Is the soundproof earplug useful?

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There are always kinds of sounds that can't be undone in daily life. Sometimes it is difficult to find a quiet place. So, is there any way to separate the sounds that you don't like to hear, or the ones you don't want to hear? In fact, it is very simple to use the earplugs to greatly reduce the noise, but also a quiet environment!

Soundproof earplugs (also known as anti-noise earplugs, earplugs, noise-proof earplugs, sleep earplugs, and earphones) are generally made of silicone or low-pressure foam material and high-elastic polyester material. After being inserted into the ear canal, it is in close contact with the external auditory canal to isolate the sound from entering the middle ear and the inner ear (ear drum) for soundproofing, so that people can get a rest or working environment.

Some of the soundproof earplugs are generally sponge rubber or low-pressure foam material, and high-elastic polyester materials, most of which are designed for impact protection, can be cleaned, and can be used repeatedly. Moreover, the shape is mostly bullet-shaped, shaped like a bullet, the surface is smooth, the rebound is slow, the ear does not have a pain when used, and the sound insulation effect is 29dB, so as to be in close contact with the outer ear of the person, so as to avoid sound from between the earplug and the outer ear. The gap enters the middle ear and inner ear to achieve the purpose of sound insulation, so that people can rest comfortably.

In addition, since the outer ear contour of each person is different, the soundproof earplugs of general materials cannot function as soundproofing, and it is preferably made of a flexible material. The material of the earplug must be moderately elastic and moderate in elasticity so as not to cause the earplug to be pressed against the skin of the external auditory canal due to excessive expansion, thereby avoiding symptoms such as ear swelling and earache.

One way to ensure the effect of the soundproof earplugs is to wear the anti-noise earplugs in close contact with the outer ear of the person to prevent sound from entering the middle and inner ears from the gap between the soundproof earplugs and the outer ear.

Good products have an average sound insulation value between 36-40 decibels in various frequencies, and some products have a maximum sound insulation value of 50 decibels, which can isolate 80 to 90% of ambient noise.

Hidden dangers:

[Sound-proof earplugs] Is it useful to use earplugs? How to use earplugs? What are the hazards of noise-reducing earplugs?

1. The use of earplugs may cause earwax to be pushed into the middle ear while the earplug is inserted into the ear canal, which can cause tinnitus and reduce hearing, pain or bacterial infection. Users with excessive earwax should use earplugs more carefully, and earplugs should always be washed with water and mild soap. However, foam-type earplugs are usually discarded after being used up, and they may lose the characteristics of slow rebound after being soaked in water.

2. In addition, anti-noise earplugs may also be a trigger for otitis, because in a warm, humid environment, many bacteria will multiply more vigorously.

3. However, the use of anti-noise earplugs is usually safe, but some potential hazards that may arise from long-term use must be prevented:

4. Inserting the earplugs will cause the air pressure in the middle ear to rise and push the ear drum to cause pain, because the earplugs are inserted too deeply. To avoid this danger, first loosen the earplugs and insert them into the desired ideal position. When the earplugs are fully inflated, it is best not to push them in. Vice versa, in order to avoid the ear drum being squeezed when pulling out the earplugs, slowly unscrew the earplugs instead of pulling them out.


1. Wash your hands before use.

2. Clean the ear canal before wearing to reduce the secretion residue.

3. Press the earbuds for 30 seconds until the earplugs are fully expanded.

4. Replace or clean the earplugs in time.

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