How to buy earmuffs?

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Noise causes physical and psychological damage, mainly damage to the hearing and visual organs. According to the noise survey on human health, every one decibel of noise in the area will affect people's normal working mood, making people prone to irritability and irritability. Interfere with the quality and efficiency of normal rest and sleep. Therefore, the protection of hearing is particularly important, and is currently mainly prevented by wearing earplugs and earmuffs. Earplugs are mainly used in the workplace, and their comfort is not as obvious as earmuffs. Therefore, it is extra important to choose the right earmuff according to your environment.

The first thing to enter is the concept of decibel, the unit of sound pressure level: dB.

20 decibels: very quiet, barely felt; it is like whispering.

50 decibels: the volume of speaking indoors; it is like a normal conversation.

70 decibels: noisy, detrimental to the nerves; like a street environment sound.

75 decibels: very noisy, nerves will be damaged; will reach the upper limit of human body comfort.

80 decibels: very noisy, like: noisy office, the sound of the highway.

90 decibels: noisy, hearing loss; like: noisy bar, electric saw according to the sound of wood.

100 decibels: unbearable, stay for a minute and temporarily swear; like: the sound of a pneumatic drill, compressing the sound of a hammer hammer to hit heavy objects.

120 decibels: Extremely paralyzed or full of sputum, reaching the maximum limit of human hearing.

How to master the correct use of earmuffs:

Stretch the earmuff headband to the maximum "open" position and over the head, cover the cup with both ears; relax the headband back, adjust the height of the cup until the headband can support the cup, and the ears feel comfortable; The cushion of the earmuffs should fit snugly against the head. Adjust the headband to ensure proper tightening and effectively isolate the noise.

Master the cleaning method of the earmuffs:

Install recommended maintenance and cleaning methods to maintain optimal noise reduction and performance. Only clean the surface of the earmuffs. Use neutral soapy water and warm water, do not soak in water. Do not use solvents such as alcohol, acetone, hand sanitizer or lanolin to clean the earmuffs. Do not store the product in an environment where the temperature is above 85 °C. To ensure a stable noise reduction, good hygiene and comfort, it is recommended to regularly check the earmuffs for cracked or broken parts, especially gaskets.

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